How to Add Users to your Server Control Panel

You can add new users to your server's control panel to help you manage it. We know these users as "sub-users".

If the user you want to add doesn't have an account created in our panel, their account will be created automatically and they will receive an email to set up the account.

These are the steps to follow:

1.  Go to your server's control panel.

2. Click on the "Management" button through the navigation bar.

3. Once in the Management section, just click on the "Subusers" button.

4. Click the blue-button that says "Add new subuser".

5. Add the email of the desired person. Just below you can configure the permissions for this user. Click on each drop-down title and select the permissions you wish to grant to this sub-user.

5. To finish click the green button "Add new subuser".

And that's it! You now have a new sub-user on your server.